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What To Do?

Enjoy the three museums in The City of Stars! Their exhibits will take you through a journey of time and culture that promises enriching experiences for all. The East Texas Oil Museum immerses visitors in the captivating story of the region’s oil boom, offering a fascinating glimpse into the pioneering spirit and industrial heritage that shaped Kilgore and beyond. Meanwhile, the Rangerette Showcase and Museum celebrates the legacy of the Kilgore College Rangerettes, an iconic dance team renowned for their precision and grace. Through captivating exhibits and interactive displays, visitors gain insight into the Rangerettes’ profound impact on dance and women’s history. Additionally, the Texas Broadcast Museum provides a look into the evolution of broadcasting technology and its profound influence on society. Together, these museums offer a diverse tapestry of Kilgore’s heritage, making them essential destinations for anyone seeking to uncover the rich history and cultural fabric of our vibrant Kilgore community.

Fun On the Town!

East Texas Oil Museum

Journey back to the early 1930s to see how people lived. Refresh your memory to the lyrics of a deep-rooted gospel hymn in the church exhibit. Get a lesson in the history of local schools. This fascinating museum houses the authentic recreation of oil discovery and production from the largest oilfield inside US boudaries.

Rangerette Showcase & Museum

Located on the Kilgore College campus, The Rangerette Showcase and Museum features a mechanized display of Rangerette props, a display of costumes from their spring show, Rangerette Revels, and thousands of photographs and newspaper clippings depicting the Rangerettes’ storied history.

Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communications

The Broadcast Museum spotlights the people and equipment of broadcasting’s Golden Age, featuring working television and radio studios, a vintage equipment restoration facility, and archives available for research.